Feilding Festival of Bands

Feilding Festival of Bands is an annual music event run by Feilding Brass Band for brass, concert, and school bands held in June. The event does not score or rank bands, but awards them Gold, Silver, or Bronze based on how well they perform the music they have chosen. In addition there are two special awards for the festival:

Most Entertaining Program is awarded to the band which provide the greatest audience appeal on the day. There is a Runner up award as well.

Best Soloist. In order to be considered for a solo award the soloist must feature for the majority of a piece. The soloist chosen may be instrumental or vocal. There is a Runner up award as well.

If you would like more information about this event for 2020, you can contact us via the details below to get in touch.

P.O. Box 158 Feilding
027 357 9194

or send us a message on our Facebook page.