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One part of being in a community group is fundraising. Whether it is through the kind generosity of sponsors and donations, or just different ways online to fundraise, it will  enable us to continue what we do in the community to serve and entertain you.

If you would like to support Feilding Brass, contact us below or go to our Trade Me or Givealittle page.

You can contact Feilding Brass via:
P.O. Box 158 Feilding
027 357 9194

or send us a message on our Facebook page.

Feilding Brass has a new fundraising opportunity, which allows you to support our band and have something cool on your car.

For just $10 you can get a Feilding Brass Car Sticker, and all proceeds go directly to the band.

Go to our TradeMe page Feilding Brass Car Sticker – Trade Me and secure yours today.

Thank you for your support of our awesome band.

Feilding Brass Trade Me Page

Along with Concerts and Community Events, one of our other fundraising activities is on Trade Me.

Whether you are  looking for a bargain or want to support Feilding Brass Band, then please head over to the Feilding Brass Trade Me Page where you may well find yourself a treasure, and you will be supporting our band as well.

Thank you for your support.

Euphonium For Feilding Brass

Feilding Brass has been around for many many years, and as the band gets older, the players get older, our instruments get older and at times unable to be repaired or played as well as they once did when they were new.

But this instrument can be used by a beginner starting out in the Feilding Brass Training Band which makes it a good stepping stone into the senior band.

Feilding Brass is fundraising to buy a new Euphonium for the Senior band, and we need your help.

Any new instruments that we can get for Feilding Brass will always have an enormous flow on effect for everyone in our brass band family and our community who wants to learn.

Money raised will go towards purchasing a brand new 4 valve, compensating Euphonium.

Any surplus funds raised will go towards purchasing new music.

If you would like to help us and donate, then click on the link to our Givealittle page Euphonium For Feilding Brass

Thank you for your support.