Combined Concert with Dannevirke Brass

Today Feilding Brass and Dannevirke Brass combined forces in a concert at St. Johns church in Dannevirke.

First up was Dannevirke, aided by a few Feilding players, with a stylish collection of hits traversing the decades. Feilding followed with an eight piece program spanning the classic Goff Richards’ The Golden Lady, via classical, pop, and film-score, through to the hymn How Great Thou Art.

Then the combined forces were on display: starting unconducted with the classic march Invercargill; two numbers conducted by Neil Williams from Dannevirke, Mack the Knife, and the Imperial March; and the finale, One Moment In Time under the baton of Feilding director, Craig Holdaway.

The day was a wonderful success, thoroughly enjoyed by both bands and a sizable audience.