We have some exciting news!

Feilding Brass Press Release:

New Musical Director Appointment for Feilding Brass

Feilding Brass has a history of over 130 years continuous presence in the community. For the first time in the collective memory of its present members, a new musical director has been appointed from outside its membership for many years, following a nationwide search.

On April 26th, Iraja Max Haas da Silva (Max) was welcomed to the podium after joining the band for its Anzac parades a day earlier. Originally from Brazil, Max and family have transferred to Feilding from Queenstown where he has worked as a music teacher and trumpeter in the local jazz orchestra.

Max grew up in a musical family, with his father being the leader of a military band. With over 20 years’ experience teaching brass a percussion Max has conducted and performed in a wide variety of music settings including Big Band Jazz, Marching Band and church worship bands.

The outgoing musical director, Carissa Davies has stepped down after 5 years leading the band (including through the Covid lockdowns) and is continuing as a playing member of the band. She remains active on the management committee.

Feilding Brass meet for weekly rehearsals on a Wednesday evening. After years of disruption due to Covid, the band is again enjoying and looking for opportunities to reconnect with the local community. Recently the band participated in 6 Anzac commemorations in the district; 4 Christmas parades and the community carols. In September the band will represent this district at the Central Districts Brass Band Contest.

Currently preparations are under way for the bands first performance under Max’s leadership on 28th May. Weather permitting the band will be playing from 11am in the square opposite the Feilding Cenotaph. The music repertoire will continue the Feilding Brass tradition of playing upbeat, popular music as well as more traditional brass numbers.

Max has noted, “Feilding Brass has a very good sound, but we are a little short on players. I intend to work to fill the vacancies that are still open (mainly the rhythm section) as well as offering technical support to everyone. With our committee, I’m another hand wanting to help and certainly this is a great time for us to welcome new members.“

Both the senior band and the training band have vacancies and offer opportunity to develop music skills and engage in a lifetime of music making. Connect with Feilding Brass via our Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/FeildingBrassBand/